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Me & My Existence


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The Personal Site of Ackim

Well, here is something about me...


By nature, I am someone who generally prefers listening to talking. Maybe, I am just trying to follow the wisdom of one author who said, "You hardly learn anything when you keep your mouth flapping". On a second thought, this could just be an excuse. But whatever you choose to call it, in most cases you will find me listening other than doing the talking. But there are times when I feel that I am not that quiet after all. I guess, I should just say, "Every cloud has a silver lining".


Basically, I am on my way to discovering myself. At one point, a professor who taught me Public Finance told me I talk like a politician. And for the record, I dislike politics. Anyway, politics is one of the few things I happen to dislike but which I can accommodate.


Sometimes I wish I were more vocal. But again, I fear I would anger many people that way. I am quite happy with the way I am. I usually get time to think before making a judgment. And more often than not, I have been happy with those judgments. 


I may not be that a religious person but somehow I have learned to take religion as part of my life. To me, life is a test. We face life, we face death. We become happy, we become sad. All of these and many others are tests. When I was a child, well, I am still my mother's baby, I used to cry every time I thought about death or saw people I knew and knew-not dying, thinking I would be next. Gone are those days! This time I have taken a more realistic approach to death (assuming there was any!). Whether I like it or not, my time is coming. And that time can be now, tomorrow or even after 2 seconds!


What differentiates a man (understood to include a woman) from a goat or any other animal for that matter, is his mind. What happens then if a man cannot use his mind? Well then, what guides or will guide me throughout this life is religion and rationality. With religion, I am made to know God (hopefully) and rationality, among other things, helps me differentiate between good and bad. So, basically, if I look at life as a test, Ça va sans dire (it goes without saying), at the end of the day, I am expected to pass or fail the test. I am thus, in other words, acknowledging the fact that I will have to have a reckoning for my actions in this world by a supreme being in the Hereafter.


Let us look at, what I choose to call here Human Life Development Cycle (HLDC), through Gods creative work. Man is basically created from clay an inorganic matter turned into a living matter, for that matter, firstly converted into a clot of blood, then a lump. Out of the lump develop bones, which are then clothed with flesh. And from this grows a human life. Surely, man has in himself signs of God's wisdom and power. A child is born, it grows, it dies, and it decays. Then another chapter begins. Here is a mother with her two children. She gives each one of them an apple, and then she goes about doing her chores. But the eldest of the two finishes his apple as fast as his teeth can handle (thanks God for showing him the light earlier than his brother) and grabs the remaining apple from his younger brother, and this leaves the latter crying. Upon understanding the situation, the mother either reprimands her eldest son or admonishes him and gives the youngest son another apple. In other words, nature demands the mother to show justice, but who is more just than God? I thus feel, when we die, there ought to be a day for accountability as regards to our deeds in this world. I therefore think that death is not the end of everything.


On another note, although I am capable of loving any other woman I choose in this world as much as I can, the only woman I will never repay what she has given me in this world is my mother. She is quite a special woman. She means a whole lot of the world to me. Of course I have never told her this, and even if I had to tell her, I dont think I would find suitable words to show her how much she means to me. If only she could understand how I regard her deep down my heart, it would save me a whole caboodle of trouble spilling all that I had to say. But whenever I pray, I always include a prayer for my parents (the simplest thing I am giving them without them realizing it): "O God, shower mercy on my parents as they nurtured me when I was young".


So, who am I? Well, all that I can say is that I am still trying to discover myself. As to how long this will take, only God knows. Any regrets in life? Absolutely none! I love my parents, I love myself and I love being me. I only wish I can be able to contribute making this world a better place and this would mean following the old adage first. Oh yes, Charity begins at home.



This is the part that I believe will help me think myself into a new way of acting rather than act myself into a new way of thinking, if at all I expect effective and outstanding results. I believe that man was created for a purpose in this world and I pray that I stray not from that purpose. With that in mind, I have set for myself the following goals in life:

  1. To live in this world as if I am at a station prepairing myself for the transportation to my next destination.
  2. To spend my life in this world knowing that I have a duty to my parents, family, loved ones, and anyone around me.
  3. To have a successful business, be happy, and raise a large family instilling into their minds the purpose of their existence in this world.
  4. To contribute to my country's development through participation in the securities exchange or business or education field or anything worthwhile with knowledge, conduct or expertise.


I like reading - novels, comics, magazines, journals, etc, so long the piece is interesting. Well, interesting is subjective, but I would say something is interesting if it had the following connotations: you do something or take advantage of your position in society, someone witnesses your act, you become aware that somebody was at the scene of the crime, you hunt him or her down, you are exposed, the law takes effect on you, you are brought down to your knees, you commit suicide, blah blah...


Or  you witnessed a crime against your loved ones, they are brutally harmed, you study martial arts or some killing techniques under some Sensei in Okinawa, you track down the perpetrators and eliminate them one by one, meanwhile jogging their memory; or, your country is under some calamity or depression, you see people from different walks of life coming together to solve the problem, whether they succeed or not, the very charged atmosphere is what I would call interesting. Of course I don't like violence, all that I have in mind is justice. Well, anything on power, politics, detective work, suspense such as that of Agatha Christie would surely serve my day. I like martial arts, I like reading about business in general, finance, technological breakthroughs in science and medicine; I like watching movies, more especially the action ones, and that kind of action which is somewhat realistic in nature; and I do listen to music.


The following are some of the favorite names in the film industry: Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Van Damme, Cynthia Rothrock, Mark Dacascos, Gary Daniels, Daniel Bernandh, Denzel Washington, Sean Connery, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li. Though I practially listen to every music, you would get my attention if you played John Cicada (Just Another Day), Metallica (Unforgiven), George Michael (Careless Whisper), Tony Braxton, ReAnne Rimes, Boyz 2 Men (On Bended Knee), Kenny G, Linkin Park (In The End), Bob Marley, Don Carlos, Eric Donaldson, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Burning Spear, Koffi Olomide, Wenge, Bozi Boziana, Pepe kale, Kanda Bongoman (or is it Kandabongo Man or Kandabongoman?), Sukous Stars, Alpha Blondy, Mabelle, among others.

A sport i really enjoy - Karate-Do
Anytime, anywhere even in the room;-)

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